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2014-02-03 00:00:00
Category: Pro-Life

Give your support to the Norwegian Pro-Life organization Menneskeverd's signature campaign against foetal reduction (so-called twin abortion). Send your signature by April 3 to http://www.menneskeverd.no/2016/03/03/aksjon-nei-til-fosterreduksjon/

It is possible to let your signature be invisible for the public.

Say Yes to Life! Protecting Life Actively

The Day for Life in our Diocese is celebrated every year on the Solemnity of the Annunciation. This year the day will fall on the 4th of April.

The Pastoral Department invites everybody this day to a full day Pro-Life seminar which will take place in Mariagården, Akersveien 16C, 0177 Oslo from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Professor Vegard Bruun Wyller, member of the Scandinavian Association for Catholic Doctors will speak about ethic challenges for health workers.

Helene Pederstad Øien from the Pro-life organization Menneskeverd will tell us about a study programme for youth on the dignity of man and ethics.

Helena D'Arcy, head of the Swedish Pro-life organization Respekt, will speak about ethical issues associated with assisted fertilization, and

Fr. Hallvard Hole OFM will give us an introduction to spiritual adoption of unborn babies.

All talks will be given in Norwegian.

The seminar will give enough room for questions and include a panel discussion and prayers for life. A simple lunch will be served.

We hope as many as possible would like to spend a day getting insight in Pro-Life issues seen from the perspective of the Catholic Church, and with good possibilities of making useful acquaintances to work further to improve respect for life in our settings.

To know how many we will serve lunch, we would appreciate those interested to register by sending an e-mail to: maria.fongen@katolsk.no by 29 March.

A warm welcome to everybody!


Vatican statement on vaccines produced from cells from aborted human foetuses

Cooperation partners

The Diocese of Oslo cooperates with the following pro-life organizations in Scandinavia:

Links and Literature

  • A good article by former Father Robert E. Barron (now Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles), on the reasons why human dignity is at loss: http://www.zenit.org/en/articles/forum-the-death-of-god-and-the-loss-of-human-dignity
  • Visit his website Word on Fire, immensely rich in resources for evangelization.

Magisterial Documents

  • Paul VI – Humanae Vitae, 1968.


  • Johannes Paul II – Evangelium Vitae, 1995. http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/encyclicals/documents/hf_jp-ii_enc_25031995_evangelium-vitae_en.html

  • Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Instruction Donum Vitae on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation - Replies to certain questions of the day, 1987. The instruction gives moral reflections on different biomedical procedures, like prenatal diagnostics, research on human embryos, methods of assisted fertilization compared with natural procreation, surrogacy, as well as guidelines for the values and moral obligations legislation must respect.
  • Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Instruction Dignitas Personae On Certain Bioethical Questions, 2008. The instruction is a continuation of Donum Vitae, and gives a moral-ethical assessment of more recent biomedical procedures - like genetic preimplantation diagnostics, ICSI (micro-injection of sperms into an egg cells), freezing (cryo-preservation) of human embryos, reduction of embryos and human foetuses, gene therapy, human cloning, therapeutic use of stem cells, use of human biological material.


About us

The Pastoral Department of the Catholic Diocese of Oslo has as its goal to assist parishes and others engaged in pastoral service in the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in the actuality this Gospel has for each and everyone of us in any situation of life. In the Pastoral Plan of the Diocese of Oslo the following is written about the work of the Department:

"The Pastoral Department is there to assist parishes and others engaged in pastoral activities with materials, courses, councel,  suggestions of activities etc. for their pastoral service (...) It is also the task of the Department to maintain a particular contact with the youth association of the Catholic Chutch in Norway (NUK), Caritas, the Catholic schools and others engaged in pastoral work but are not, however, directly and/or formally organised under the Diocese." (chapter 2.5)

The Pastoral Department works in a number of areas, among others Marriage, family and pro-life, Catechesis, Pastoral care of immigrants, Catholic studies (among other things the responsibility for the academic studies for diocesan candidates to the priesthood and permanent diaconate), Preventive work against sexual abuse in the Church, Faith sharing in digital and social media, etc.

In addition to the work particularly done towards parishes and others engaged in organised pastoral activities, the Pastoral Department also has a direct pastoral service to families and individuals through developing material to help them practice and strengthen their Catholic faith.



What we do

We develop courses and material for sacramental marriage preparation, organise gatherings and offer resources in the areas of marriage, family and pro-life. We also develop and offer material for inspiration and help for families to practice Catholic faith and prayer. We are happy to visit parishes and assist in local arrangements where family issues are on the agenda.


We create and publish material (printed and digital) to be used in the preparation of children for the reception of the sacraments (Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation), in Sunday school and throughout grades 1 to 10. We arrange annual seminars and retreats for catechists, and we also help the parishes with arranging regional and local courses and seminars. Together with external partners, we also develop and offer catechetical formation on univresity level.

The Diocese of Oslo consists to a large extent of immigrants to Norway, and therefore there is a need of an organised pastoral care for different groups of immigrants. This pastoral care is coordinated by the Office for immigrant pastoral care and is regulated by current guidelines. The office is responsible for collecting reports on immigrant pastoral care throughout the Diocese, regardless of the way it is organised, and to send forward this information to the Bishop and relevant authorities. The Pastoral Department collaborates with the Office for immigrant pastoral care in order to help in offering an integral pastoral care for all Catholics in our Diocese.